Inspirational Backus & Butcher Exhibition Supported by Dean Mead

For a limited time, the exhibit of “Backus & Butcher and the Florida Landscape” is on display at the A.E. Backus Museum & Gallery in Fort Pierce. The Dean Mead Team in the offices of Fort Pierce and Stuart is honored to sponsor the Backus & Butcher exhibition that includes captivating artwork by two visionary artists who made Florida their home, as well as the focus of much of their art. A.E. Backus paintings and Clyde Butcher photographs are timeless and continue to provide inspiration to many artists.

“Backus & Butcher and the Florida Landscape” Exhibit

As stated by the A.E. Backus Museum, “While a generation apart, these two artists share a reverent vision of the iconic majesty of the swamps, shores, glades, and savannas of the state they call home. A.E. Backus (1906-1990) with brush, oil, and canvas captured the natural wonder of our landscape in beloved paintings that evoke a timeless quality. America’s heir to Ansel Adams, Clyde Butcher (b. 1941) has perfected the large-format black and white explorations of an earlier era, using his practiced and expert eye to capture the exquisite splendor in the wilds that still surround us. While these artists traveled two distinct creative paths, they shared one abiding passion: an admiring love for the rich variety of landscapes of the state they call home.” Learn more about the exhibit here.

A.E. Backus

Paintings by A.E. Backus capture a unique sense of place that is instantly recognizable and beloved. Backus was praised and renowned as an exceptional artist in the regionalist tradition. Back in the 1800s and in the early 1900s, there were notable artists from the north who would paint the Florida landscape in their brief visits to a wild and beautiful region. However, Backus was the first Florida-born professional artist to predominantly dedicate himself to painting the landscape and scenes from daily life with the experience and knowledge of a state native. As the artist who embodied the advice to “pass it on,” Backus was a mentor to countless people in his lifetime, and he advocated for supporting those in need. He is remembered today for his artistic accomplishments, altruistic spirit, and sharing the arts with his community. Visit here to learn more about A.E. Backus.

Clyde Butcher

In the tradition of the nineteenth-century Hudson River School painters, Clyde Butcher composes his works at pristine and untarnished locations across the United States. Butcher is especially renowned for his black and white photographs of the Florida Everglades. He creates arresting compositions that distinctly mark him as the foremost landscape photographer in America today. Butcher has been called the next Ansel Adams by Popular Photography magazine; awarded as a humanitarian for acting for the betterment of his community; and recognized as a conservationist for bringing issues to the forefront of public consciousness through his art. His photography transcends political boundaries, challenging us to work together to protect natural places across the globe. Visit here to learn more about Clyde Butcher.

A.E. Backus Museum & Gallery

With a recently added, multi-million dollar expansion, the A.E. Backus Museum & Gallery houses the nation’s largest public presentation of artwork by Florida’s preeminent painter, A.E. “Bean” Backus (1906-1990), and is home to the state’s only permanent multimedia exhibition on the Florida Highwaymen. In addition to preserving and perpetuating the artistic and humanitarian legacy of Backus, the Museum organizes and hosts changing exhibitions from artists of national and international acclaim. It was voted “Best Museum 2018” in Indian River Magazine’s annual “Best of the Treasure Coast,” where it was described as “a fabulous place to visit.” More information about the museum can be found here.