Our Agribusiness lawyers address complex environmental problems confronting our clients in areas such as hazardous waste disposal, water pollution, hazardous material transportation, and conservation easements.

We take a statewide focus, both in terms of the geographic reach of our practice and our regulatory work with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. That includes proven ability and experience to handle all aspects of local, state and federal land use and environmental rules and regulations, including development-of-regional-impact (DRI) proceedings. Add our regular and effective interaction with the Federal EPA, and Dean Mead offers Florida agribusinesses a single source for help with permitting and compliance needs, which includes the following areas of special emphasis:

Water Management District Permitting and Enforcement

Our Team works directly with water management district staffs throughout the State of Florida in an effort to achieve our clients’ objectives. Team member Michael Minton is the past vice chairman of the Governing Board for the South Florida Water Management District (1997-2001). His previous service on the Governing Board gives him special insight into the District’s operations.

Wetlands and Wetlands Banking

Dean Mead’s attorneys assist landowners in negotiations with local water management districts and other state and federal authorities to obtain permits to create and operate wetland and species mitigation banks. Our Team also assists mitigation banks in determining the tax treatment of creating and operating such banks, including qualifying for like-kind exchange treatment.

Pesticide Litigation

The Agribusiness Industry Team has experience assisting clients with disputes related to pesticide usage and liability, reflecting our regular interaction with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Bureau of Compliance Monitoring, and the state licensing agency that oversees the use of EPA registered, restricted-use pesticides.