Florida Medical Marijuana Issues Discussed by Dan Russell in Orlando Business Journal

In two recent Orlando Business Journal articles by Ryan Lynch, Dean Mead government relations attorney Dan Russell provided insight into what Florida’s legalization of medical marijuana could signify for the state. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed Senate Bill 182 into law, legalizing smokable medical marijuana, including whole-flower cannabis.

In the first article, “Here’s what it will take to get smokable medical marijuana in Florida,” Russell provides answers to questions posed about what it will take to actually get smokable marijuana products into the state. He indicates that several steps must be taken before products are made available.

In the article, questions for Russell include:

  1. How quickly can we expect the rollout of smokable medical products in Florida?
  2. What might be some of the biggest hurdles to getting those products on the shelves for patients?
  3. Could we see any interpretations of the law that might affect the availability of smokable products?

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In the second article by Lynch, “Orlando gets fired up about Florida’s $5.7B+ medical marijuana business,” Russell discusses the monetary impacts of medical marijuana legalization in Florida.

Russell states, “That means the number of medical marijuana applications likely will rise, creating new business opportunities in the region.”

Further detailed in the article, “The market now is a multibillion-dollar behemoth, drawing interest from health care companies seeking partnerships as well as real estate developers that want to sign dispensaries as tenants in their commercial centers.”

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