Important Information about HB 7117 – “Florida’s Energy Bill”

Governor Rick Scott’s office is receiving significant pressure from two groups to veto HB 7117, “Florida’s Energy Bill.”  The two groups are Americans for Prosperity and the Heartland Institute (best known recently for its climate change skeptic’s conferences). 

HB 7117 is the result of recommendations made by Florida Commissioner of Agriculture, Adam Putnam, for increasing diversity in Florida’s energy portfolio, expanding production of alternative energy, and expediting permitting for growing of biofuel feedstocks.  The Commissioner of Agriculture’s office was tasked with developing and implementing energy policy for Florida, after several years of bills being proposed, but not passed by, the Legislature.  This bill represents some modest steps towards developing and implementing a more sustainable and flexible energy policy for Florida.  Attached is a short list of talking points prepared by the office of the Commissioner of Agriculture regarding the bill.  In addition, the bill itself HB 7117ER (Florida House), and the final staff analysis of the bill HB 7117 Staff Analysis, are posted here.

Dean Mead’s Agribusiness Industry Team is keenly aware of the issues and obstacles in the future of Florida’s energy, both within the agribusiness industry and beyond.  We appreciate Commissioner Putnam embracing his new responsibilities for leadership in this area, and encourage you to review the materials provided regarding this bill.  If you agree that these are reasonable steps regarding energy policy, we encourage you to contact Governor Scott’s office in support of this bill.  His deadline for signing or vetoing the bill is this Friday, April 13, so time is of the essence in your response.

To contact the Governor’s office, please go to his web page, where you can send an email:  Or, you may contact the Governor’s office by phone: (850) 488-7146, or send a letter to the Governor’s office at the mailing address below:

Office of Governor Rick Scott
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001