French Brown Shares Insight on Vote of Florida’s Amendment 2 Importance

French Brown, Dean Mead SALT attorney, was quoted in two recent articles regarding Florida Amendment 2, which is on the ballot in the upcoming election. The Amendment’s passage, which requires 60% of the vote, would make permanent a 10 percent tax cap on non-homestead property. Florida non-homestead properties include businesses, residential rentals, and vacant lots.

The Capitolist Article:
“Backers of Amendment 2 say its defeat will amount to a tax increase for all Floridians,” was published by The Capitolist on October 16. It provides history of Amendment 2 and details of what could happen if it is not passed.

Brown states, “What’s more, today in Florida the largest numbers of non-homestead properties are used for residential rentals. So if Amendment 2 fails, renters will get hit first and hardest. We have more renters today since the 1980’s in Florida. Combined with an affordable housing shortage, it’s imperative we pass Amendment 2 this November.”

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Florida Politics Article:
“Backers press case for Amendment 2,” published by Florida Politics on October 16, highlights the background of Amendment 2 and aspects of why supporters believe passage is so crucial. In this article, Brown again emphasizes the ramifications on renters of residential properties if Amendment 2 fails.

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