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We’re nearing the end of week 7 of the Florida Legislative Session. Focus continues on implementation of Amendment 1 and comprehensive policy revisions to the state’s laws relating to water supply and water quality. The pending legislation dealing with these water issues is summarized below. The budget continues to be complicated by different positions on Medicaid expansion in the House and Senate, which will drive much of the policy. With negotiations between the two chambers on healthcare funding remaining at an impasse, it seems highly unlikely that the budget will be completed within the Regular Session this year.

There are also a number of agricultural related bills that have been filed, a summary of those measures follow the summary on the water bills. Changes, additions and updates from prior reports will appear in bold text.

We will provide periodic updates as the Legislative Session continues, and for any relevant legislation, the full text of each bill and any amendments can be found on the legislative web sites. (;; and

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