This Week’s Reading

The Best Law Schools For Getting Rich
By Kurt Badenhausen
Forbes, Mar. 8 2011

IRS Audit Risk If You’re “Rich”
By Robert W. Wood
The Tax Lawyer, Forbes, March 30, 2011

Small Firms, Big Lawyers: Is Your Firm Like Disney World?
By Jay Sheperd
Above the Law, March 30, 2011

Inherited IRA’s–Bankruptcy Protection
By Charles Rubin
Rubin on Tax, March 28, 2011

Pre-Embryos in Probate
By Gerry W. Beyer
Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog, March 31,2011

Tax myth: The ‘death tax’ will get you in the end
By Eileen AJ Connelly
Associated Press, March 30, 2011