The Florida Bar Publishes Part Two of Article Penned by Attorney Joseph Percopo

Published: May 1, 2024

Orlando, FL) In part two of his article series “Florida Irrevocable Grantor Homestead Trust: Having Your Cake and Eating It Too – Second Course”, Dean Mead attorney Joseph Percopo serves up additional details to consider when contemplating a Florida irrevocable grantor homestead trust (“FIGHT”).

Percopo writes, “The FIGHT is a unique trust with a highly focused purpose to avoid devise restriction during the period that a transferor has a minor child, while simultaneously maintaining homestead creditor protection and tax benefits for the transferor.” He continues, “While the FIGHT is not for everyone, it is a complex tool to be aware of and great caution should be exercised when drafting a FIGHT.”

Following is a link to the complete article:

A link to part one or the “First Course” follows:

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