Joseph Percopo Co-presents “Preparing Good Prenups!” to Orange County Bar Association

Published: September 8, 2023

(Orlando) Dean Mead Estate Planning attorney Joseph M. Percopo and Losey, PLLC Family Law attorney Karen Middlekauff co-presented “Preparing Good Prenups!” to members of the Orange County Bar Association. Referencing important statutes and case law, each professional presented their perspective on what the other should know prior to drafting a prenup.

Focusing on what an Estate Planning attorney wants a family law attorney to know, Joe’s section of the presentation focused on statutes affecting estate planning, and additional details including petition filings and waivers.

To learn more about Joe and to review the presentation in its entirety visit:

Karen Middlekauff concentrates her practice on marital and family law matters, including dissolution of marriage, alimony, asset and liability distribution, attorneys’ fees actions, establishment of paternity/parentage, child support, child custody, visitation, modification and enforcement of alimony and child support, and time-sharing arrangements. Karen additionally handles prenuptial agreements and domestic violence injunctions. To learn more about Karen visit:

Founded in 1933, the Orange County Bar Association (OCBA) has served as the primary platform for attorneys in the Orlando, Florida area to convene, share information regarding their legal specializations, and provide crucial legal and community services to residents in the surrounding regions. To learn more about the Association visit:

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