Vero Beach Probate and Trust Litigation

The estate planning attorneys of Dean, Mead, Minton & Zwemer have assisted clients with probate and trust litigation matters in Vero Beach and on Florida’s Treasure Coast for more than 30 years. Our lawyers represent plaintiffs, defendants, and non-parties in all types of disputes involving wills, guardianships, trust and estates.

Our attorneys are experienced in helping clients located in Vero Beach with a wide range of will contests, trust contests, trust reformation, accounting actions, fiduciary misconduct and removal, surcharge claims, and probate and trusts appeals.

Possible Scenarios When an Attorney May Be Necessary for Probate Litigation in Vero Beach

1. What Should I Do if I’m Disinherited?

Has somebody influenced your loved one to disinherit you and receive a benefit for themself? You may have the right to contest the will, trust, and gifts or transactions made while he or she was alive. Your loved one may very well have been the victim of undue influence or tortious interference with an expectancy. You may need to take legal action in order to undo any wrongful transactions.

2. What are the Duties of an Estate Trustee?

Are you being sued or threatened with legal action by a beneficiary of the trust or estate in which you serve as fiduciary? If you are acting as Trustee or Personal Representative, you may have a duty to see that the decedent’s intentions are carried out. Although you have obligations to certain beneficiaries, you should not be bullied by frivolous claims and accusations.

3. How Can I Gain Access to Will or Trust Documents?

Personal Representatives and Trustees have a fiduciary duty to provide beneficiaries with certain information, e.g., copies of will or trust documents, assets, accountings, etc.  They must provide accountings, inventories of assets, and make timely distributions pursuant to the terms of the estate planning documents.

You should seek professional legal advice immediately if you feel that a Personal Representative, Trustee or beneficiary is acting inappropriately. The Florida Probate and Trust Codes have very strict deadlines for filing claims and lawsuits. Thus, you should promptly seek legal advice so that you do not lose your lawful rights.