Steve Looney Published in Tax Law360 – Increase in Tax Rates Causing “Sticker Shock” for Taxpayers

Steve Looney, Chair of Dean Mead’s Tax department, authored an article entitled, “Sticker Shock Lurking For Taxpayers Filing 2013 Returns”, which was published in Tax Law360 on January 31, 2014.

Many taxpayers who are just now beginning to file their federal income tax returns for 2013 are in for some “sticker shock” as a result of the increase in tax rates and numerous other changes made by two recent laws — the American Taxpayer Relief Act and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The changes made by these two laws will affect a wide range of Americans, including individuals, small business owners and real estate investors, and will hit them where it hurts — in their pocket books.

A reprint of the full article is provided here: Sticker Shock Lurking For Taxpayers Filing 2013 Returns.