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Government Relations & Lobbying

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Whether your company operates in just one region, or in jurisdictions across the globe, government relations demands in-depth knowledge of an area’s unique economy, political structure, culture, and key stakeholders. You need local expertise that can help your company grow its business while also complying with state and local laws.

Dean Mead’s attorneys and government relations professionals have extensive experience in governmental representation, much of it gained through public service as elected or appointed officials. The firm is able to provide clients with successful strategies and effective representation based on the priorities and objectives established by the clients. By utilizing a “team approach” to lobbying, the firm ensures that each project undertaken on behalf of the client receives the requisite time, resources, and management attention. The extensive involvement of the firm in the legislative process creates a type of synergy, increasing the firm’s effectiveness and, thus, the client’s presence in the process.

We provide legislative representation to a variety of Florida businesses, Fortune 500 companies, professional and trade associations, and governmental entities before the Florida Legislature, the Governor and Cabinet, executive branch departments and agencies, and local and regional governments. Some members of the government relations and lobbying team also represent clients during rule promulgation resulting from legislative action, as well as providing monitoring and consulting services relating to legislative filings and governmental initiatives.

Growth Management

The firm’s experience with growth management issues involves representing both public and private clients in the key elements of Florida’s Growth Management System. The firm’s attorneys and government relations professionals have extensive experience in working with local and regional approval authorities, state regulatory agencies, special districts and real estate development entities (commercial, residential and multi-use developments). By having represented both the public and private perspective, the firm is well equipped to present the highest quality services to its clients, in meeting both strategic objectives and plans for successful implementation.

Specific services offered include: applications for local, regional and state government development approvals (especially Developments of Regional Impact); preparation, review and processing of amendments to Local Government Comprehensive Plans; land use planning and zoning approvals; development orders and agreements; formation / implementation of public-private partnerships for real estate development; formation / implementation of special purpose local and regional governmental entities, and negotiations for provision of necessary transportation, water supply, school and utility infrastructure improvements.

Land Use, Environmental, & Local Government Law

Our firm represents county and municipal entities, special purpose governmental entities, regional water supply authorities, regional utilities, private citizens, professionals and the development industry in these areas: ordinance drafting pursuant to the state comprehensive planning laws; negotiation and drafting of development agreements; complex development permitting, including Developments of Regional Impact; eminent domain and inverse condemnation activities; growth management and land use; hazardous waste and petroleum contamination cleanup; intergovernmental agreements; negotiation, litigation and administrative proceedings of environmental permitting and enforcement actions; submerged land leases and easements; and water law and consumptive water use.

Dean Mead’s Agribusiness Industry Team has been assisting clients in Florida to realize value from their land for 39 years. Michael Minton, Pete Dunbar and Dean Saunders talk about innovative projects and public-private partnerships that are truly making a difference by preserving state water resources for future generations.

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