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Government Relations & Lobbying

The Dean Mead Government Relations & Lobbying practice is built on three principles: Deep knowledge of how laws, regulations and policy can effect business outcomes;…


Practice Area

Government Relations & Lobbying

The Dean Mead Government Relations & Lobbying practice is built on three principles:

  1. Deep knowledge of how laws, regulations and policy can effect business outcomes;
  2. Deep understanding of how laws, regulations and policy are made; and
  3. Longstanding relationships to the people who wield the levers of power.

Clients hire us because we get things done at the Capitol and have a long track record of success. We work with our clients to define measurable outcomes and grade ourselves against these outcomes.

Lobbying isn’t just explaining your position to lawmakers or waving the flag for your side – it’s changing laws that benefit your business and community simultaneously.  Clients with fuzzy goals usually will end up with fuzzy results. We encourage clients to define lobbying success at the outset of an engagement.

What to Look for When Retaining a Lobbying Firm

Relationships and trust take years to build, and seconds to destroy.

Our clients become trusted friends, and they know they have over 100 years of experience working for them.

Here are three key elements to keep in mind when hiring a firm:

  1. A lobbying practice’s true assets are its people, their experience and their reputation. Have a clear understanding of who you are hiring before making a decision.
  2. Have the team members been in positions where they were once the policy maker or policy implementer? If the answer is “you’re not sure”, ask directly. Anything other than a yes, is a no.
  3. Can the firm clearly translate your business outcome into a policy document?

Look at the firm’s list of clients. You don’t want to be a big fish client in a pond with minnows. A firm with a broad scope of clients usually is an indication of relationships that are equally broad. The law requires public disclosure of all lobbying clients, which can be viewed here. Inquire about conflicts with other clients and ask to see a list of current clients. Does the client list suggest a firm that is trusted with a range of critical issues?

About Us

Every legislative and executive office leader in Florida is familiar with the Dean Mead team, ensuring that we have the access to position our clients for successful outcomes. The Dean Mead team is comprised of registered lobbyists with hundreds of years of combined experience working in Tallahassee. Our lobbyists are supported by attorneys who have deep connections in almost every significant industry and the public sector in Florida. We strengthened our team in January 2019 with the addition of the entire Tallahassee staff of another prominent lobbying group in what the Florida Politics news site called a “game-changing move” in the lobbying sphere.

Our Lobbying Process

We start by explaining the lobbying process to a client and gaining a precise understanding of their preferred outcome. We assess the likelihood of success, ancillary risks, and social costs, and identify allies.

Second, we evaluate the client’s assets. That includes their social media presence, influence and stature in the community and political ecosystem, reservoir of good will, history, and other reputational matters.

We then look at the client’s issue and analyze the best way to achieve their business objective. That may be through legislation, amending the regulatory rules that interpret and enforce the law, asking for executive action, or even a constitutional amendment.

While clients sometimes initially are focused on sweeping legislation, we find that often we can achieve their objectives through other actions that have a lower profile. We also recognize that some issues require industry or broad public support, and we advise on how to shape a message that moves public opinion and builds the consensus that gets the attention of lawmakers.

For more than a quarter-century, Dean Mead’s team has built relationships with the people who make Florida’s laws and run the dozens of departments and agencies that comprise our $90 billion-plus government. Give us a call, and we can explain whether our team is right for you. To learn more about the Dean Mead difference, please contact any one of our team members.

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