Michael Minton Interview on Solar Farming in Florida Grower Magazine

Michael Minton, chair of Dean Mead’s Agribusiness and Solar Energy industry teams, was featured in Florida Grower magazine on the hot topic of solar farming in Florida and the revenue opportunity for landowners with the right tract of land. Existing farmland has proven to be attractive to the power companies because they tend to have less wetland and endangered species obstacles and isolation to help avoid not in my back yard conflicts.

The article entitled, “Are There Bright Futures in Solar Farming”, was published on December 14, 2017 and may be read here:  http://www.growingproduce.com/citrus/are-there-bright-futures-in-solar-farming/.

“There are numerous alternative and renewable sources of energy, but the one that is most promising in Florida is solar,” Minton says. “We have plenty of sunny days and don’t have a lot of obstructions to the sun. We do a lot of work for agribusiness and our clients have properties that are attractive to the power companies, so we got involved in this more from a demand seeking a supply end of things.”