Attorneys Dunbar and McGinn Draft Article Presenting Florida Gaming Control Commission’s First Opportunity to Set Tone on Designated Player Games

Published: May 18, 2023

(Tallahassee, FL) In their article “Florida Gaming Control Commission Faces Crossroads on Gaming Regulation” Dean Mead Attorneys Marc Dunbar and Daniel McGinn review the case developing between the Washington County Kennel Club, more commonly known as the Ebro Poker Room, and the Florida Gaming Control Commission. Identified qualities of a new game, called “Quick Draw Poker”, created an issue in the highly regulated world of cardroom gambling.

“The ultimate decision that the Commission makes after reviewing the complaint and the underlying investigation,” shares Dunbar and McGinn, “will give industry members a glimpse into how gaming regulation in Florida will develop under the fledgling Commission, and whether the Commission chooses to be a strong regulator or a passive observer to Florida’s legal gaming industry.” To read the full article please visit the following link:

Having more than 25 years of practice, Marc Dunbar has drafted, passed, and defended in court some of the most comprehensive legislation impacting Florida’s regulated industries, including a rewrite of Florida’s gambling statutes. To learn more about Marc visit:

Daniel McGinn’s practice focuses on the regulated industry environment, within which he navigates regulatory frameworks to get to his client’s desired outcome and devises creative solutions for his client’s concerns. To learn more about Daniel visit:

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