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Three Attorneys Speak at Environmental Permitting School

Published: July 17th, 2019

By: John L. Wharton Cari L. Roth Anna H. Long

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Dean Mead is a sponsor of the 33rd Annual Florida Environmental Permitting School in Marco Island, taking place on July 16 – 19th.

Florida Environmental Network, Inc. (FENI) is part of the Florida Chamber Foundation’s ongoing effort to keep its members and other business organizations informed of the numerous environmental and growth management laws and regulations affecting Florida’s citizens and businesses. FENI has actively and continuously performed this function from its inception in 1985.

Each year, FENI produces the long-standing and popular seminar called the Environmental Permitting Summer School.

Seminar sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are available to firms interested in marketing services and products to Florida’s environmental and growth management audience.

The Florida Chamber Foundation focuses on identifying SOLUTIONS to challenges facing Florida. Founded in 1968, the Foundation is a business-led, solutions development and research organization, working in partnership with state business leaders to secure Florida’s future.

Three of Dean Mead’s attorneys are among the featured speakers at this year’s conference including Anna Long, Cari Roth and John Wharton.   Below are brief descriptions of their presentation topics.


Back by popular demand, this course is an interactive discussion focused on the associated regulatory requirements and techniques for ensuring sure and positive dialogue for communicating with environmental regulatory agencies at the local, state and federal levels.  Preparation, organization, as well as an understanding of both the regulation and the processes, can go a long way to facilitating a smoother and certainly more positive outcome.  In addition to being technically prepared, knowing the agency representatives, their role in the organization, and their scope of authority can be as critical as having a thorough understanding of the applicability of the various rules and regulations.  Here’s your chance to interact with the panel, using real case studies, and discuss which techniques were successful (or not) and receive expert advice from four instructors who’ve learned these lessons.  Instructors:  Peter Partlow (Moderator), Anna Long, Alexis Clark, Amy Tracy.


Public and private sector projects located near wetlands, endangered species habitat or other protected areas are often opposed by individuals and organizations during permitting proceedings as well as in federal court. Effective permitting of such projects requires a grasp of the changes in the requirements or enforcement of these federal laws under the Trump administration. This seminar focuses on how to build a winning record and strategies for supporting or attacking permitting decisions in the courtroom. This course is ideal for managers and consultants who work on large or controversial projects involving wetlands, endangered species or protected natural resources. Instructors: John Wharton (moderator), Fred Aschauer, John Lesman, Kerri Barsh.


Practical and informative course designed to address strategies for obtaining environmental and growth management approvals for land development projects under Florida’s current laws and agency practices; consideration of effects of recent legislation and administrative actions taken by the Executive Branch; discussion of successful approaches to processing and obtaining environmental permits from regulatory agencies, determinations of when to obtain the required permits and in what order, and the level of specificity and procedural requirements of each agency. Course to also cover tracking and managing activities for compliance with permit conditions, tips for gaining the respect of regulatory agencies, and steps that should be taken to avoid costly enforcement litigation. Audience participation is encouraged. Instructors: Cari Roth (moderator), Kim Woodbury, Dennis Mele, Abbey Naylor, Robert Volpe.