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Victim Service Center 4th Annual Cheers to Change Gala

Published: March 17th, 2017

The Victim Service Center of Central Florida (VSC) hosts their 4th annual Cheers to Change Gala on Friday, April 7, 2017 at the Orlando Museum of Art. Dean Mead is pleased to be a Silver Sponsor. For more information about this event, click HERE. Proceeds from this event allows VSC to provide direct crisis intervention support to […]

IRS’s Informal S Corporation No-Rule List Includes Three New Items

Published: March 16th, 2017

By: Stephen R. Looney

A taxpayer may, for a fee, request a written letter ruling from the IRS interpreting and applying tax laws to the taxpayer’s represented set of facts. However, there are some issues in which the IRS will not issue a letter ruling. Taxpayers should note that the IRS has recently added three new issues to its […]

How Can I Fight Deportation of My Loved Ones?

Published: March 15th, 2017

Immigration law is notoriously strict. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does not offer leeway to any noncitizen or nonresident that is found to be in violation of any of the multitude of rules and regulations. Perhaps the worst penalty an immigrant can face is deportation, or any form of forced removal from […]

How Do I Start the USA Citizenship Process?

Published: March 15th, 2017

If you are interested in applying for naturalization or citizenship, there are several requirements that you must fulfill in order to be approved. First, you must determine your eligibility for citizenship by truthfullycompleting an M-480 sheet. This form asks several yes or no questions that break down the complex naturalization requirements into a simple questionnaire. […]

President Obama’s Immigration Executive Order

Published: March 15th, 2017

President Obama just addressed the Nation concerning his executive order which should help millions of immigrants who are currently undocumented in the US and at deportation risk. It is too soon to know exactly what the exact requirements will be and what the process will entail but this is what we know for now: undocumented […]

If I am a permanent legal resident, what is the legal status of my new baby?

Published: March 15th, 2017

If your child was born in the United States, then he or she is automatically a citizen. If your child was not born in the U.S., however, then he or she can become a legal permanent resident as long as these conditions apply: The mother is a legal permanent resident. Your child reenters the United […]

Immigration Reformers Organize “National Day for Dignity and Respect”

Published: March 15th, 2017

Across the nation, proponents of immigration reform are organizing demonstrations for the coming weekend. Ranging from marches to prayer vigils, the different events that take place on Saturday in more than 150 cities are purposed to remind Americans that immigration reform is still needed, even during the government shutdown. Known as “National Day for Dignity […]

Am I eligible for DACA?

Published: March 15th, 2017

To accommodate the thousands of individuals who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, the Department of Homeland Security announced the implementation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This policy allows certain people to request their deportation to be deferred. In order to qualify, you must meet the following guidelines: AGE Under 31 on […]